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Return Policy

If your product is defective/damaged or incorrect/incomplete at the time of delivery, please contact us within the applicable return window. Your product may be eligible for a refund depending on the product category and condition. Please see the detailed terms in the relevant category below.

Plese note before buying a products please read carefully the criteria and delivery charges of the products. If you are satisfy then buy the products else don't buy.

Please note that some products are not eligible for a return if the product is "No longer needed".

Fertilizers and pesticedes are not eligible to return if the product was correct at the time of delivery.

For Seeds or Hybrid Seeds - related issues after usage or the expiration of the return window, we will refer you to the brand warranty center (if applicable).

Please note that certain items marked as non-returnable on the product page are not eligible for return. For more information view the complete list of non-returnable items.

Please note that this policy does not apply to "Overseas Products",

Valid reasons to return an item:

1- Delivered Product is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) / defective (dead on arrival)

2- Delivered Product is incorrect (presentation different on the website) / incomplete (missing parts)

Delivered Product is “No longer needed” (you no longer have a use for the product / you have changed your mind about the purchase / the size of a fashion product does not fit / you do not like the product after opening the package) - eligible for selected products only, which you have purchased from the website, Android app, IOS app of Kissan Ghar.